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The Fair Music Initiative

By Robert Link, 12 years 23 weeks ago.

In their own words:

Fair music is the first global initiative for fairness and justice in the music business. It strives to create awareness for the importance of fair music and to strengthen the position of both artists and music listeners worldwide. The aim is also to maintain cultural diversity during the current processes of modernization.

The blog portion of the site includes recent headlines such as:

  • Copy protection scares away consumers

Fighting license problems/proliferation by introducing another license.

By Robert Link, 12 years 24 weeks ago.

Chris Lott at Ruminate, a fine distance education tech blog, posts a link to the Open Education License Draft. My title here is extracted from Lott's pithy description, and the below is excerpted from the conversation in progress in the Ruminate comments:

I do have a concern about littering the legal landscape with a flood of variations on copyleft. I have a beef with needless complication.

Getting to Know the Tools

By Robert Link, 12 years 25 weeks ago.


I am not yet clear on posting guidelines, editorial policies, nor the full feature set available to standard users in this environment. Anyone in a similar state is invited to offer questions in the comments on this post.

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