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Computer simulations suggest how religions might emerge

By samrose, 11 years 24 weeks ago.

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(thanks mitten!)

Ewen Callaway in New Scientist:

God may work in mysterious ways, but a simple computer program may explain how religion evolved

Are higher transportation costs reversing globalization?

By samrose, 11 years 25 weeks ago.

Michel Bauwens recently sent this link in an email to the p2plist:

Along with the question: "Are higher transportation costs reversing globalization?"

My own answer:

The political economy of peer production: Adam Arvidsson and the Ethical Economy

By samrose, 12 years 3 days ago.

I've just returned from Nottingham, UK., where I participated in the first-ever academic workshop on p2p concepts, a conference/workshop on "the political economies of peer production".

I plan on giving a review of each presentation in blog postings here. This first post is about Adam Arvidsson's amazing, and thought provoking presentation on what he is calling the "Ethical Economy".

Give Meaning

By samrose, 12 years 8 weeks ago.

GiveMeaning - online donation, online fundraising and creative fundraising ideas

An interesting idea, connecting news stories with Donation projects, and giving people ways to collectively rate and filter different dimensions, or propose their own way to solve the problem. "Problem spaces" are sorted through tags, and tag clouds show areas with higher activity.

P2P Explained

By samrose, 12 years 12 weeks ago.

Michel Bauwens of the P2P Foundation discusses the core P2P concepts at Swinburne in Australia recently:

View on Google Video

The Prosper Lender Rebellion, and the US Credit/Borrowing Black Hole

By samrose, 12 years 14 weeks ago.

(via P2P-Kredite)

The P2P Lending enabler-site is experiencing a rebellion by it's lenders, mostly found on it's forums:

On The Need For Business Stewardship, and Open Services

By samrose, 12 years 15 weeks ago.

Burak Arikan recently wrote about the acquisition of services and data by services providers like Google, and yahoo.

Arikan writes

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