Movie Directing and Software Programming

By Brian Ohanlon, published at 10 May 2007 - 8:12pm, last updated 12 years 22 weeks ago.

I responded to Paul here:

Howard Rheingold has a very interesting chapter in his book, Virtual Reality, where he tells of Ted Nelson, the first person to proclaim that computer programming was actually directing movies. Tom Cruise, I think, once made a statement that movies were a record of the times in which they are made. It is interesting to look back now, at the recent Star Wars episodes, and realise how much they signify a Flat World effect. Where dozens of teams across the globe work concurrently, on the same scene. The whole thing, is just mish-mashed back together, just-in-time, in Hollywood. What a pity Friedman didn't look at this in his book. But I guess we are so close to outsourcing and unlimited bandwidth, we haven't quite got our heads, around its many effects yet. For those of you interested, Friedman has offered some hope in his recent book, The World is Flat, of a University in Georgia, USA, which tries to combine computer science education, with other kinds of education. See the chapter on Test Tubes and Tubas. In Georgia University, they combine computer science with different threads, such as People, Information, Embodiment etc, etc. It seems, looking at the stars wars recent episodes, they could have done with more combining of geek know-how, with a familiarity of what was good in the original 70s/80s Star Wars series.

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