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Ask the hasslebot to help your group cooperate

By Ed Vielmetti, 12 years 37 weeks ago.

Hassle Me is a service that lets you set up automated reminders to be sent via email. Tell the hasslebot to remind you to call your mother about every week, and you'll get an email to that effect. In my case my phone's email client makes it easy to dial a number from it so I can click twice and connect.

"Building smart communities through network weaving", Krebs and Holley

By Ed Vielmetti, 12 years 37 weeks ago.

Building smart communities through network weaving is a paper by Valdis Krebs (Orgnet) and June Holley (ACEnet) on their experiences in cultivating an environment of cooperation in regional development.

Communities are built on connections. Better connections usually
provide better opportunities. But, what are better connections, and how do
they lead to more effective and productive communities? How do we build

Cooperation and cascading benefits

By Ed Vielmetti, 12 years 37 weeks ago.

Levine, S. S. & Kurzban, R. 2006. Explaining Clustering in Social

Networks: Towards an Evolutionary Theory of Cascading Benefits.

Managerial and Decision Economics, 27(2-3): 173-187.

A copy is available from the authors upon request - sslevine@sslevine.com


Internet Storm Center - cooperative network security

By Ed Vielmetti, 12 years 37 weeks ago.

The Internet Storm Center is a cooperative effort to catalog and defend against emerging threats to computer and Internet security.

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