Launching the Cooperation Commons Blog

By JimBenson, published at 10 May 2007 - 8:12pm, last updated 12 years 18 weeks ago.

This is the inaugural post of the Cooperation Commons blog.

The Cooperation Commons home page houses a short introduction to the project by Howard Rheingold .

The project and this blog will be looking resources and developing thought surrounding cooperation phenomena. Cooperation studies are a multidisciplinary field. Objects from the quantum to the mega exhibit certain cooperative properties.

Cooperation never exists independent of its environment. Howard’s introduction to this site touches on this:

Even a small increase in our understanding of the dynamics of cooperation and collective action could have enormous payoffs in regard to international relations and conflict-resolution, the evolution of economic institutions, and the future of democratic governance and civil society. The cooperation project proposes to catalyze an interdisciplinary study of cooperation and collective action. We do this by compiling and synthesizing current knowledge, mapping the outlines of the emerging field, convening meetings of the best minds in relevant disciplines, and encouraging ongoing discourse, research, and practice.

The key here is understanding the dynamics of cooperation. Different situations encourage or discourage cooperation in different ways. Indeed, the very action of cooperation is highly contextual.

What is considered cooperation appears to be affected by culture, biology, convention, politics, and so on.

In this blog we will link to new studies, organizations, or other materials doing interesting work when viewed through the lens of cooperation. We will interview people working in fields that require cooperation. We will also try to synthesize some of this information and put forth some of our own theories.

Our goal for this blog and this study is to make it as open and inclusive as possible. The Cooperation Commons as a group is evolving. We invite anyone to participate through the blog’s comment feature, by blogging themselves and linking back, through e-mail, or however you feel comfortable. Guest bloggers are also welcome.

We have and will also made ample use of tagging. The existing cooperation and business cooperation tags are examples of this.

Our current bloggers are Sam Rose, Paul Harzog, Mike Love, Howard Rheingold and myself, Jim Benson. We’re looking forward to the cooperation conversation.