Jaime Cloud on educating about the commons

By Jordan Kraemer, published at 10 May 2007 - 8:12pm, last updated 12 years 17 weeks ago.

Jaime Cloud, of the Cloud Institute, contributed as guest blogger to On the Commons this month, writing on how to educate about the commons. She introduces a common pool resources game, called the Fish Game, to help young people think about organizing shared resources:

I will begin the month by sharing an example of how we educate about the Commons. The following excerpt from the course ... appears in the first of three modules. It follows the development of a sense of place, a dialogue about the characteristics of Community, and an exploration of rights and responsibilities. This activity precedes The Fish Game designed for young people to experience the interdependence of people, economics and Common pool resources (fish stocks). You can play a modified version of the Fish Game on our home page at www.cloudinstitute.org.

Module One culminates in an essay assignment in which students are asked to address the question, “What criteria would you use to reconcile conflicts that exist between individual rights and our responsibility as citizens?” The Introduction to Inventing the Future is posted on our website if you would like to see the entire outline for the course. I hope you enjoy it.