Open source as politics

By Kevin Jones, published at 10 May 2007 - 8:12pm, last updated 12 years 21 weeks ago.

Open source is more than a technology, more than an economic model; it is a political model, say the folks at, and the thinkers behind some of the U.N's most innovative development programs agree with them. Open Source "enables previously technologically-dependent communities to build the tools that they need with their own skills, and become a global participant as a producer of ideas, not simply a consumer," says World Changing's Jamais Cascio. "We're not alone in this belief," they say; "the United Nations University's International Institute for Software Technology has fully embraced the idea of open source as a developmental driver. They think of it as "technological self-determination," and they've come up with forward-looking programs to help this come about. How will government and development change when it is built on a model where all voices are included and the collective makes the enteprise? Structurally embedded grass roots democracy; embedded down to the level of the source code, is a beautiful thing. Open Source political model