Newstrust launch today

By Marc Dangeard, published at 10 May 2007 - 8:12pm, last updated 12 years 28 weeks ago.

Since this is definitely related to Cooperation in the News arena, and
I think it is a small revolution in how we can get access to better
news articles, I would like to mention this:


We're happy to announce that NewsTrust just launched today. Check it
out now:

We're now a public beta site with over 1,600 registered members - and
more signing up all the time. As word gets out in coming days, we
expect our community to grow rapidly.

Now that we're live, can you help us spread the word about NewsTrust?
To get you started, we've listed below some good ways you can promote
our site. As a founding member, you're in a unique position to promote
NewsTrust in your community.

Our weekly newsletter also features some of our top-rated stories
below. Be sure to review stories regularly on our site, to get higher
quality news feeds from us, and help expand our database of trusted


While the rating systems I have seen so far focus on popularity which
is a great way to promote rumors. With Newstrust, I can get the news
AND some idea of the bias (or lack of) to help me better evaluate the
Better yet, if you try to actually get into rating the article you will
find it forces you to think better about what is being said. A good
exercise when you have the time.

Maybe you will like this service as much as I do :-)