Direct Economy

By Marc Dangeard, published at 10 May 2007 - 8:12pm, last updated 12 years 27 weeks ago.

I just ran into a brilliant idea presented by Xavier Comtesse - A very good summary of the concept is available on the LunchoverIP blog - The original article from Xavier Comtesse is here if you can read French.

Xavier explains how the technologies available today can allow companies to include customers deeper into the value chain, through a transfer of knowledge, so that they can become more active in the process, from consumers to do-it-yourself, and all the way to co-design and co-creation. Doing such a transfer helps companies become highly productive, as the only way to survive competition from low cost providers (which does not mean they are low value since there are a lot of very good engineers in Eastern Europe, China or India).

Xavier Comtesse suggests a great tool to help companies define their strategy and to help them understand how to move forward and best use knowledge transfers to improve productivity.
The tool is a matrix that helps evaluate the current situation and how to move forward along 2 axis:

  • A knowledge transfer axis with 5 levels: data, information, classification category, time process, modelisation
  • An interactivity transfer axis looking at 5 stages: receive, self-service, do-it-yourself, co-design, co-creation

An example of how this can work is explained in a presentation available here (in French as well, but the matrix he shows is in english and give a good idea of what can be done).

The LunchoverIP blog mentions a book due to come out in October or November, it should be a great read.