Web Science Research Initiative

By mattcoop, published at 6 June 2008 - 6:31pm, last updated 11 years 24 weeks ago.

MIT and U. of Southampton are teaming up for a new multidisciplinary research initiative. From webscience.org/about :

Since its inception, the World Wide Web has changed the ways scientists communicate, collaborate, and educate. There is, however, a growing realization among many researchers that a clear research agenda aimed at understanding the current, evolving, and potential Web is needed. If we want to model the Web; if we want to understand the architectural principles that have provided for its growth; and if we want to be sure that it supports the basic social values of trustworthiness, privacy, and respect for social boundaries, then we must chart out a research agenda that targets the Web as a primary focus of attention.

CoCo's cooperation literacy would certainly have a role to play here.

Matt, Looks like interesting


Looks like interesting work. This may seem a touch cheeky, but I expect the result of attempts to model the web will come to many of the same conclusions found in the seminal essay, "Big Ball of Mud". (The George Harrison pic is worth the click in its own right.)

Btw, thanks to K. Krasnow

Btw, thanks to K. Krasnow Waterman - http://www.kkrasnowwaterman.com/ - for the heads up about WSRI.

We met today at Jelly - http://workatjelly.com - in Manhattan.