Open Co-op Project

By MichelBauwens, published at 10 May 2007 - 8:12pm, last updated 12 years 28 weeks ago.

Cooperation is related to the 3 paradigms of open/free, participatory/P2P, and the Commons.

I only recently discovered a wonderful resource, the Open Co-op Project, which has a working definition of what an Open Organization should be, and also an extensive listing of Background Documents which can all be downloaded at the site.

It's available at

Please note the full range of open concepts which so far have been defined at the encyclopedia:

Open Access, Open Archives, Open Biology, Open Business, Open Organization, Open Courseware [1], Open Content, Open Design, Open Education, Open Educational Resources, Open Hardware, Open Money, Open Politics,Open Source,Open Source Disaster Recovery, Open Standards, Open Textbooks