Webcasts on cooperation and peer to peer

By MichelBauwens, published at 10 May 2007 - 8:12pm, last updated 12 years 18 weeks ago.

In the last few weeks, we have started collating videos on cooperation related topics, which are indexed in the P2P Webcast Directory

Here's a list without comments, as most of the titles speak for themselves:

• Anne Margulies on Open Courseware

• Bernardo Huberman on Prediction Markets

• Bill Thompson on Citizen Journalism

• Dan Gillmor on Grassroots Journalism

• David Isenberg on Who Will Run the Internet

• David Weinberger on Tagging and Folksonomies

• Herman Daly on the Commonwealth of Nature

• Howard Rheingold on the history and future of cooperation

• Jimmy Wales on Cooperation in Wikipedia

• Jimmy Wales on Wikipedia's Governance

• John Lebkowsky on Extreme Democracy

• MIT's Kwan Lee on the Future of Viral Radios

• Mark Cooper on Public Airwaves as a Common Asset

• Pat Kane on the Play Ethic

• Paul Hartzog on the Governance of the Commons

• Peter Corning on Darwinism and Cooperation

• Peter Kollock on Social Dilemmas in the Commons

• Rene Girard on Mimetic Desire

• Richard Semler on Participatory Management

• Ross Mayfield on Networked Democracy

• Seth Godin on All Marketeers are Liars

• Stephen Coleman on E-enabled Co-governance

• Steven Weber on the Success of Open Source

• Takis Fotopoulos on Inclusive Democracy

• Ted Nelson on the Politics of Internet Software

• Thomas Malone on Decentralizing Corporations

• Tim Berners-Lee on the Future of the Web

• Tom Munnecke on Uplift Communities