The Foundation for P2P Alternatives

By Robert Link, published at 30 May 2008 - 5:30pm, last updated 11 years 25 weeks ago.

It is such a big world, I should perhaps not feel bad for not having found this resource sooner, but I am kicking myself for only getting there today. The Foundation for P2P Alternative is a tremendous resource for general information about Peer-to-peer ideology as well as specific p2p resources. The project is spearheaded by Michel Bauwens.

From the presentation P2P In a Nutshell:

This networked environment has many advantages over the old information environment. However, there is also strong opposition to those new concepts, originating either from poor understanding or from fear of death of last-century business models. A battle has broken out over the laws and tools governing information production. The claim represented in this text is not that technology will magically lead to a better world, but rather that it provides for diverse possibilities that a given society can choose to use or not.