The Literacy of Cooperation, Video 1, entry 1

By Robert Link, published at 2 June 2008 - 3:20pm, last updated 11 years 19 weeks ago.

I am starting the task of working my way through the Literacy of Cooperation videos. I will comment here as I can. If you haven't already viewed these then maybe you can be enticed to follow along with me, as these videos, arguably, represent the beginnings of the CoCo project, our foundational material if you will, on which we build and from which we grow.

The format I will take for these posts is:

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After introductions, Howard speaks of the prevalence of competition-narratives in current modeling of many phenomena and offers the opinion that a narrative of cooperation, collaboration and complex inter-dependence will come to enjoy increased prominence.

I understand this may be new to the audience, but the ideas go back at least as far as Weiner's "The Human Use of Human Beings" and Bateson's "Steps to an Ecology of Mind". What amazes me is that these notions are so often floated as new. I know this isn't a failing of the folks floating the ideas, so much as a testament to the effectiveness of corporatist/consumerist action which thrives on Social Darwinist thought (i.e., the competition narrative). There are dedicated, powerful forces reliant on the continued prevalence of the competition narrative, and I am put in mind of some of the comments from the "Humanity Lobotomy - First Draft" video, comments to the effect that radio and print were once hailed as democratizing elements but eventually were doomed to corporate dominance. Put differently, the competition narrative will prevail so long as the powerful have the power to make it prevail and have the perception it serves them better than other narratives.

The goal then seems to me to establish means by which the power holders can be seduced into supporting other narratives. That can only be done, as far as I can tell, by targeting their self-interest. A tall order.

Matt, great resource!

Matt, great resource! Thanks!!

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