Open Everything

By Robert Link, published at 19 August 2008 - 11:34am, last updated 11 years 17 weeks ago.

P2P Foundation has announced an Open Everything topic area at the P2P Foundation wiki, and CoCo is pleased to spread the word. From the Open Everything home page:

Open Everything is a global conversation about the art, science and spirit of 'open'. It gathers people using openness to create and improve software, education, media, philanthropy, neighbourhoods, workplaces and the society we live in: everything. It's about thinking, doing and being open...Open is changing the game. And, while Wikipedia and open source software offer great examples of what's up, we know that openness, collaboration and participation are spreading well beyond the realm of technology. It's about value, and values. Where open is headed is huge. Open Everything gathers people who are charting this trajectory.