Open Access Journal: tripleC - Cognition, Communication, Co-operation

By Robert Link, published at 10 August 2009 - 7:24pm, last updated 10 years 24 weeks ago.

From the triple C home page:

The Open Access Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society provides a forum to discuss the challenges humanity is facing today.

It promotes contributions within an emerging science of the information age with a special interest in critical studies following the highest standards of peer review.

It is the journal´s mission to encourage uncommon sense, fresh perspectives and unconventional ideas, and connect leading thinkers and young scholars in inspiring reflections.

tripleC is a transdisciplinary journal that is open to contributions from all disciplines and approaches that meet at the conjunctions of cognition, communication and cooperation.

We accept articles from all disciplines and combinations of disciplines carried out with any type of methods that focus on topics relating to contemporary society, to politics, culture, and economy and the interrelation of humans, ecology and technology. We publish both theoretical and empirical research.

For more details please visit our Focus and Scope.