Boston Launches Small Business Incentive Card Program

By SamuelRose, published at 10 May 2007 - 8:12pm, last updated 12 years 17 weeks ago.

[via Boston Business Journal]

The neighborhood of Roslindale, in the City of Boston, has adopted the use of the Interra Incentive Card.
Interra is designed to be a consumer rewards program that gives
incentives for people to spend their money with local businesses. These
incentives are in the form of discounts, and donations to local
non-profit community groups. Interra meta-objective is to get people
thinking about the greater impact of their purchasing decisions.

Boston Business Journal Reports:

When making a purchase, consumers swipe their Boston
Community Change Card, making them eligible for the rewards program.
The swipe automatically makes a donation to an organization chosen by
the consumer from a selection of participating nonprofits. The merchant
can choose the rewards program of his or her choice.

"Small businesses can't afford these kind of sophisticated
systems, unless we amortize them over a whole national network," said
(Greg) Steltenpohl (co-founder and chairman of The Interra Project). "I
learned how big you can grow something when you start with