Audience 2.0 Launch!

By SamuelRose, published at 10 May 2007 - 8:12pm, last updated 12 years 17 weeks ago.

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Be sure to spread the word about the launch of Audience 2.0 magazine!

The magazine is published by participatory media innovator by Micheal Pick.

Issue 1 will be about Defining Audience 2.0 , and will include contributions by all of these amazing thinkers/writers:

Robin Good of Master New Media

Michel Bauwens of P2P Foundation

Samuel Rose  of Social Synergy

Nathan Lovejoy of Swarming Media

Howard Rheingold of Smart Mobs in interview with Samuel Rose

Sam Ford of Convergence Culture

Valentin Spirik of OurMedia


Michael Erard, veteran journalist of every publication you ever felt worth reading, as further detailed at

Audience 2.0 is a quarterly net-based magazine dedicated to the
transforming media landscape, the audiences that are changing it beyond
recognition, and innovative approaches to the research of these new