Jimbo (Wikipedia) Wales calls for Wiki Politics

By Howard Rheingold, 11 years 5 weeks ago.

John Seely Brown on the challenge and opportunity for technologies of cooperation

By Marc Dangeard, 11 years 5 weeks ago.

Launching the Cooperation Commons Blog

By JimBenson, 11 years 5 weeks ago.

This is the inaugural post of the Cooperation Commons blog.

The Cooperation Commons home page houses a short introduction to the project by Howard Rheingold .

The project and this blog will be looking resources and developing thought surrounding cooperation phenomena. Cooperation studies are a multidisciplinary field. Objects from the quantum to the mega exhibit certain cooperative properties.

Leadership and Cooperations in the Gaming Economy

By JimBenson, 11 years 5 weeks ago.

Via SmartMobs (I think)

Joi Ito provides a lengthy description of the evolution of leadership, community and cooperation in on-line gaming. Far from being an idle pasttime, large scale games like World of Warcraft require a significant time commitment on the parts of the players.

Lessig, The Matrix and More.

By Brian Ohanlon, 11 years 5 weeks ago.

Let's Reclaim The Commons

By Howard Rheingold, 11 years 5 weeks ago.

Succinct, complete, and simply stated, Let's Reclaim The Commons covers all the commons where better management is called for, and explains why -- knowledge, environment, health, public spaces, Internet.

Looking At Social Media Ecologies

By SamuelRose, 11 years 5 weeks ago.

Los Alamos Lab: Collective Decision-Making Site

By Howard Rheingold, 11 years 5 weeks ago.

Daniel Steinbock's ever-interesting blog, mind mob, points to the site his colleagues at Los Alamos National Laboratory have created for all things related to collective decision-making:

Maptagging the Cooperation Landscape, an exercise in collective visual intelligence.

By Howard Rheingold, 11 years 5 weeks ago.

I invite our readers to help apply your collective wisdom to a project I've been working on for a long time, first by myself, then with Institute for the Future, and now with the Cooperation Commons. Help me put together two separate components that a number of people (Andrea Saveri and Kathi Vian foremost among them) have collaborated to create.

Mark Elliott on Stigmergic Collaboration

By Howard Rheingold, 11 years 5 weeks ago.

Cooperation Commons member Mark Elliott has published Stigmergic Collaboration: The Evolution of Group Work, an impressively terse and lucid exploration of the connections between biological swarm intelligence and human intentional collaboration:

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