Omidyar Network launches $50K team-based funding project

By Howard Rheingold, 12 years 37 weeks ago. Resources

By SamuelRose, 12 years 37 weeks ago.

On The Commons is a great resource and blog for understanding what a "commons" is.

On The Commons defines a commons this way:

Open Access News Blog

By Howard Rheingold, 12 years 37 weeks ago.

The Open Access News Blog covers issues relating to the scholarly/scientific publishing knowledge commons. A brief overview explains open access:

Open-access (OA) literature is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. What makes it possible is the internet and the consent of the author or copyright-holder.

Open Co-op Project

By MichelBauwens, 12 years 37 weeks ago.

Cooperation is related to the 3 paradigms of open/free, participatory/P2P, and the Commons.

I only recently discovered a wonderful resource, the Open Co-op Project, which has a working definition of what an Open Organization should be, and also an extensive listing of Background Documents which can all be downloaded at the site.

It's available at

Small World Effects, Keystone Strategies and Cooperation.

By Brian Ohanlon, 12 years 37 weeks ago.

Some good points made by David Ramos here: But I disagree with this:

"Apple was, and still is, a hardware company."

Social escrow

By R Ford Denison, 12 years 37 weeks ago.

Many worthwhile projects become possible only when the number of people willing to participate (or the total amount of work they are willing to do, or the total amount of money they are willing to donate) crosses some threshold. For example, a third party might attract more support by refraining from running candidates that would take votes away from "the lesser of two evils"... UNTIL they have enough votes to actually win.

Social Silicon Valleys: Social Innovation Manifesto

By Howard Rheingold, 12 years 37 weeks ago.

(Via Doors of Perception)

Social Innovation has published a "manifesto for social innovation," Social Silicon Valleys (PDF), that's definitely worth reading:

Spectrum of Cooperation to Competition in Board Games

By Peter Rothman, 12 years 37 weeks ago.

From BoardGameGeek, a nice review of a variety of board games detailing the balance between cooperative and competive play elements, and describing some different types of cooperative elements. Spectrum of Cooperation to Competition in Board Games

Stigmergy and the Panopticon: NSA to harvest social network sites

By MarkElliott, 12 years 37 weeks ago.

Supernova Weblog is a great read

By Marc Dangeard, 12 years 37 weeks ago.

I was at the Supernova workshop earlier this week, and I can report that it has been an amazing event, with great discussions on social networking, collaborative filtering, gaming, IPTV, marketing, branding etc...
They have a very interesting weblog that I recommend if you want to get a feel for what is happening on the frontline: technologies of cooperation in the making...
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