Crossing the Divide: NPR Looks at Cooperation in US BiPartisan Politics

By JimBenson, 12 years 2 weeks ago.

Over the last month or so, NPR has had an expansive series on US bi-partisan politics called Crossing the Divide.

From the site:

Creation Nets: Getting the most out of open innovation

By JimBenson, 12 years 2 weeks ago.

John Hagel and John Seely Brown published an article in The McKinsey Quarterly (free registration required) discussing the power of various flavors of collaboration play in fostering innovation in an organization.

Hagel also discusses this in a blog post here.

Hagel says:

Audience 2.0 Launch!

By SamuelRose, 12 years 2 weeks ago.

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Be sure to spread the word about the launch of Audience 2.0 magazine!

The magazine is published by participatory media innovator by Micheal Pick.

Cooperative corporations thrive

By Howard Rheingold, 12 years 2 weeks ago.


By paulbhartzog, 12 years 2 weeks ago.

I ran across this interesting site about cooperative techonologies. It's great to see international interest.

French original:
coopératique: démarches and technologies coopérative

English version:
Cooperatics: best practices and technologies

Cooperation Through Mastication

By JimBenson, 12 years 2 weeks ago.

Diane Levin posts about the use of food to aid in mediation:

Cooperation's Threat To Commerce

By JimBenson, 12 years 2 weeks ago.

Cooperation for a Better Gaming Commons

By JimBenson, 12 years 2 weeks ago.

Online gaming communities have the same host of issues as other commons - free riding, dishonesty and abuse.

This includes a dynamic called "Grieving" in which people abuse other game players or thwart objectives of groups. In an article entitled Gamers Don't Want Any More Grief, the Guardian reports on on-line gaming community efforts to police their own against Grieving.