Sociological Evolution

New Territories - New Currencies

By mdangeard, 10 years 42 weeks ago.

I discussed in a previous post presenting Xavier Comtesse work on the matter how New Territories are emerging as a result of the disconnection between the business layer and geographical limits as defined by nations or other governmental entities.

Related to this trend, it is interesting to see now more and more projects around the concept of virtual currencies.

A new essay by Xavier Comtesse - Direct Territories

By mdangeard, 11 years 10 weeks ago.

After his essay on Direct Economy, Xavier Comtesse ( is coming out with a new essay (in French for now) on Direct Territories. Here is a short summary of the essay:


Territories as defined by government have become disconnected from the ecosystems in which people and business live and work. New ways of communicating have created an additional layer on top of these territories and ecosystems, ultimately defining new territories in which we have to coexist.

From NY Times - RenGen: A new generation poised to invent

By mdangeard, 11 years 16 weeks ago.

Interesting article from the New York Times:

"their agenda is to collaborate, to connect and to create. They don’t respond to directive. They respond to teaming"

How much of a Buddhist do you have to be to use Twitter?

By mdangeard, 11 years 26 weeks ago.

From what I see, there are 2 ways to look at Twitter:
- an instant messenger for exhibitionists
- a tool to add another layer of randomness into your life

Now who would want to use this? Are you an exhibitionist? some people are... Or are you so bored, stuck and so lazy to work on it that randomness seems to be a nice way out?
Or could there be something else?

An experiment on collaboration: trying to change the world

By mdangeard, 11 years 27 weeks ago.

Ever wondered what you could do to change the world?
Just decide, say it publicly, and things will start to happen.

The Foundation for P2P Alternatives

By Robert Link, 11 years 34 weeks ago.

It is such a big world, I should perhaps not feel bad for not having found this resource sooner, but I am kicking myself for only getting there today. The Foundation for P2P Alternative is a tremendous resource for general information about Peer-to-peer ideology as well as specific p2p resources. The project is spearheaded by Michel Bauwens.

From the presentation P2P In a Nutshell:

P2P Explained

By samrose, 12 years 22 weeks ago.

Michel Bauwens of the P2P Foundation discusses the core P2P concepts at Swinburne in Australia recently:

View on Google Video

Welcome to the New Cooperation Commons

By JimBenson, 12 years 38 weeks ago.


Cooperation Commons has switched platforms. Plone required too much maintenance and was unable to deal with the spam that a popular web site unfortunately attracts.

Please look around and join the new Cooperation Commons and help us continue!

Jim Benson